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Model description

A set of elements for building a water rocket launcher. The model enables a practical discussion of Newton's Third Law of Dynamics.

Note: To create a full rocket structure, you will additionally need: a 1.7L drink bottle, a balloon, a bicycle pump with a hose, a bicycle inner tube, scissors, a wrench to tighten the structure and pliers.

The model will be especially useful in physics classes.


Model elements

The model consists of 12 elements that must be joined after printing. The files in the set have been prepared so that individual models could be printed individually or as part of one printout.


Among the files to be printed you will find:

- Water rocket - set: a set of all the elements necessary to construct a rocket,

- Foot: launcher foot,

- Bottle plug: rocket cap,

- Launch base: launcher socket,

- Valve support: valve bracket,

- Plug tightener: clamp screw,

- Pattern 1: template for cutting out the A seal,

- Pattner 2: template for cutting out the B seal.


Visualization and signatures of individual elements can be found in the model assembly instructions: [ASSEMBLY MANUAL] Water rocket


Technical data:

Model size (XYZ): single mold - 132 x 123 x 108 mm.

Printing time: plate - 18h 46 min.

Filament quantity: 322 g for all elements.

Recommended filament type: SkriPLA / PLA.


If you want to learn more or recall some information about 3D printing, check out our training materials for teachers at Skriware Academy: 3D printing e-courses


Additional information:

A video on the use of the rocket can be found at the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmMrKEUBk2M


If you want to increase the frequency of rocket launches, without printing the whole set for each group of students, also print the bottle plug itself. With several bottles and balloons, you can construct several rockets at the same time and then mount them one by one on the launcher.



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