Structure of dentition

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Description of the model

Model presenting the structure of the human jaw with full dentition. It also includes dental components to illustrate, for example, the structure of an artificial tooth.

The model will be especially useful in biology, nature, preschool and early school education classes.


Elements of the model

The model consists of 9 elements to assemble, a set of teeth and a set of pins and connectors. The files in the set have been prepared so that individual models can be printed within several prints.


Visualization and signatures of individual elements can be found in the model assembly instructions: [ASSEMBLY MANUAL] Structure of dentition


Among the printable files you will find:

Files with sets of elements (so-called plates):

Upper oral cavity 

Lower oral cavity

Molar and premolar teeth 1 

Molar and premolar teeth 2 

Incisors and canines 

Tools and pins

Hinges and tools - hinges, tongue and dental components


Technical data

Model size (XYZ): 88 mm x 126 mm x 118 mm.

Printing time: all elements - 41 h.

Filament quantity: 578 g.

Recommended filament type: SkriPLA / PLA.


If you want to learn more or recall some information about 3D printing, check out our training materials for teachers at Skriware Academy: 3D printing e-courses


Additional information

If you want to paint the printed model, we recommend using primer and acrylic paints.


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