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Model description

Hydroponics kit model. Hydroponics is a method of soilless plant growth, which can be practised in the classroom with this model. The model can be used to make observations of plant growth. The kit will be especially useful in biology lessons and early childhood education classes.


Model elements

The set consists of 9 elements. The files in the set have been prepared in such a way that they can be printed separately or as one printout.


If you want to print more copies of the selected item, you can use the multiplier in the slicer ("multiply model" function). Use the "+" and "-" buttons to set the desired number of models and the slicer will automatically place them on the print bed.


Among the files to be printed you will find:

Single item files:


Cap plate

Marble support


Small supporting

Support stick


One unit

PET bottle adapter


File with sets of several elements:

Plate - set of all elements


Technical data

Model size after assembling (without a bottle) (XYZ): 110 x 80 x 97 mm

Printing time: 7h 10 min

Filament quantity: 101 g.

Recommended filament type: SkriPLA / PLA.


If you want to learn more or recall some information about 3D printing, check out our training materials for teachers at Skriware Academy: 3D printing e-courses


Additional information

You will need a plastic bottle, a marble and cotton wool to create a working model. To carry out the experiment, line the base with cotton wool and pour the seeds. Put a marble in the bottle with water and insert it into the designated hole.


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