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This Hobgoblin is part of our "Clank's Gorkshop" set, it's composed goblins, hobgoblin, big mechs (all modulars), furnitures and bases. You can see them in this link "-Gold!!! -cried now the goblin and threw him a bag full of coins. The goblin shrugged and stepped away from the entrance, inviting him out of his former workshop saying with a wide mocking smile "plizzz". Those were the copperiest gold coins he had ever seen in his life. "Outside he met the gang, three big metal things like he had never seen were standing outside, it were as tall as trees and noisy as dragons... A couple more goblins had already removed the letters from his sign and were nailing chunks of metal into another name... " You can read the set lore and see full set pics in this link What will you get in this set? (Everything PRESUPPORTED) -1 Hobgoblin with modular hands-1 cart-4 hand weapon/tools (you can mirror them) -5 decorated supportless bases for free Enjoy him and take a look to our store

About the author:
We are creating heroes, villains and creatures for your adventures. Visit us in Fantasy and sci-fi books and movies lover. Miniatures boardgames devoted. I've always felt the need to create things, so my natural path... sculpt monsters!!! I'm good at that (or at least I like to think it hehehe) Try our free minis and have fun!! Happy 3D printing!!! All our miniatures are presupported (if not supportless, the chitubox file is in)


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