OpenRC Tractor Lifter

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UPDATE: improved 2021 edition here A new OpenRC Tractor tool is out! Makit presents…THE LIFTER Be prepared to have lots of fun with this new OpenRC Tractor tool. You can use it in combination with the trailer and load and unload pallets or other tools. The pallet is also available!! Watch the video in action: OpenRC Tractor lifter More info and instructions at List of materials: Plastic parts, screws and nuts, cables Check BOM pdf file from download link Motor and ESC IMPORTANT: Connecting two esc’s with the same battery can cause problems if they don’t match. Please, make sure it’s safe to connect them together or you may damage your electronics. In addition to the esc controller for the tractor motors, you’ll need a motor esc controller for the lifter motor. As I want to control both of them with the same radio and use the same battery, I bought these two esc controllers that are basically the same but one of them has brake (for the tractor) while the other doesn’t (for the lifter motor). ESC controller for the main tractor micro motors (with brake) ESC controller for the lifter motor (without brake) Micro motor RC radio transmitter and receiver You’ll need a radio combo that lets you control the lifter motor. Not all RC radios allow this. In my case I use this one and I connect the lifter motor ESC to channel 3 and control it with a potentiometer. Radio transmitter and receiver combo Battery Lipo batteries must be treated with care, please follow the manufacturer instructions and read FAQ section where I talk more about LIPO batteries.  



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