Escort RS2000

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RS 2000/ Ford Escort Mk2 1/10 scale Rear wheel drive, but could be made AWD. Plan was to center mount the motor and drive from both ends. 5:1 transaxle Ball diff more on it here Included one piece and spilt bonnet/boot lids Using a 55 540 brushed motor on 3s at the moment, but it might be a bit slow if you have a lot of room. I'll swap it for a 45 from my truck on 2s soon. Servo EMAX ES09MD 3x7x3 bearings x3 18x12x4 bearings x12 3mmx19 shaft, need to check. Some 4mm rod for the axles Thrust bearing for the ball diff Screws 3mm, 2.5mm, and 2mm, one of these kits has everything. Some where cut for between the steering ball joints. 8mm with out the head or 10mm total length counter sunk screws Shocks. Mine are missing the top ball, had to print some. Wheels Crown gear from Ursa (bear) - Fully printable Monster Truck The other 2 gears are modified versions from the Monster Truck Diffs and could be used with some modification to the Trans axle housings. 5/19/18 Bumpers and lights added. Lights printed in clear PLA. Headlight printed lens down on a smooth bed so it comes out clear and paint the back silver. Tail lights could be colored with felt tip pen on the inside, red and yellow 5/29/18 Steering mount moved to chassis part (floor pan top front steering mount.stl) and (dash v2 no steering.stl)

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