Parametric Coin Sorter

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Please watch the video to understand how to edit the model properly This model is designed to work for any currency after you follow the instructions After you finish creating the model, right click on Coin sorter X Slots vX, hit Save as STL, and then choose one file per body. Versions: 6 Coins: 8 Coins: (For those who know how to use Fusion 360) Instructions: Open the version you want in fusion 360 and go to the user created parameters Enter in the diameter of each coin for the number of coins that you are using, ie 6 or 8 Have the largest diamater as Coin1 and smallest as Coin6 or Coin8 respectively Set smallestcoin to the smallest coin diamater Set Thickest coin to the thickest coin width that you are using Optional Parameters: Sleeve Thickness (Thickness of the cases that the coins go in) BaseHeight (How tall the base of the model is, the higher the value the more coins can be stored) DistanceFromCenter (How far away the holes are from the center, make it wide enough that the walls arent too thin) Sleeves (Set it to 0 to disable using sleeves, instead the coins get stored in the base) HoleTolerance (Tolerance for the holes of the sleeves)

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