Easy open ring pull and screw top bottle opener

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This ring pull make opening tins and cans childs play even for those with no real force in the wrist. Just lift up the ring pull using the handle then hook and roll the ring pull opening the can like cutting soft butter. Ideal for older ages that often loose some of that much needed wrist power or poeple with mobility problems. Keep your eyes open on these pages as over the next few weeks I plan to do a series of mobility aides that will help too make life easier for those in need. Also doubles as an aid for opening screw bottle tops. Happy Printing   Prints with 3 top and bottom layers, 4 outer layers and 20% infill. Printed in PLA and takes 2 1/2 hours

About the author:
Free Lance design engineer, studied in Oxford, worked for Oxford university before moving to France in1992. Work exclusively in3D print designs, and adaptation of existing parts, for example test rigs, although the rig itself does not change, adaptation is needed to accommodate the new part tested. 3D printing is ideal and with new filaments printed parts are becoming strong and more ware resistant every day.


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