Humanoid Robotic Hand

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  UPDATED 12/30/2018 The hand files are part of a larger project that's taken three years. You can find an extended version of this project including files for a full arm and more thorough parts list here: Humanoid Robotic Torso PROTO1 If you want more info on myself and my partner who helped make this, check out our website at   This project is an entirely 3D printed humanoid robot similar to the Inmoov project but with many major differences in design. It features an improved gripping design and an opposable thumb. This is created to be inexpensive, simple to make, and reliable. I've put the arm through some rigorous stress testing, and it's able to run for hours on end without a hitch. You can find the code I used in the project at his github here: CODE USED FOR THE ARM   Assembly of the arm is very simple and forthright, but I've posted a video of assembly with instructions (the order in which you assemble is crucial).Materials needed for the arm:-Flexible Nylon Paracord-Standard sized servos x5 (these are the servos I used but any standard sized servo will work well)-Micro servo (like the standard servo- this is where I got the micro servo I used but there are many other models applicable)-Fishing line between .5mm and .8mm (you can get this anywhere) Tools needed for assembly:-Super Glue-Plyers-Screwdriver-Exacto Knife or Scissors

About the author:
I got a free CAD program around 4 years ago because it seemed interesting to me, a year later I bought a 3D printer from money I'd saved up- from then on I was hooked. I became very proficient in CAD work and I estimate I have close to around 2000 hours of experience with printers and designing. Shortly after I got my 3D printer I began work on a 3D printed robot after being inspired by other 3D printed robots like the Inmoov designed by Gael Langevin. After countless failures, all-nighters, and dead ends, I've refined my robot to be incredibly simple, practical, and inexpensive. My robot (PROTO1) is by far the greatest accomplishment and if you are at all interested in robotics and 3D printing check out my publications and you can build one. If you have any questions or want to contact me about custom 3D modeling or printing you can email me at [email protected] Happy printing!


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