Print in Place Chains (up to 18 meters!!)

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Advice! Download the fires separately from 'Object parts' section. The Download button doesn't get all the files. Thanks Hi! (UPDATE: Added a 2400 links, 18 meters long chain for 400x400mms beds, CR104S or bigger, check the 'object parts section) This is a massive Print-in-place Chain. A friend ask me about the longest chain i can print-in-place and i redesign the chain i've used for Tow Walker making an spiral that fills all the bed.(See images attached for measures). The pictures are from a 800 links chain (almost 6 meters long) but i uploaded a few files files from 200 links (1.5 meters) (120x120 mms) up to 1500 links (11 meters!!) (285x285 mms) that should fit on most of printers. (see below for more info about chain sizes) Each link adds +-7.5 mms to chain length   This is not an easy print, you need a good bed leveling/adhesion and a good retraction settings but nothing specially difficult. You may need 'repair' the chain if some links are broken. You can do easily with a cutter and superglue .Cutting, joining and gluing. Hope you like it!! Have fun!!

About the author:
Hi from Spain! I design and print as a hobby. As a programmer i love OpenSCAD and all the stuff related to algorithmic art. (generative, procedural, simulation,etc.) I pay the bills working as a teacher of Computer Science. Always it's great to share my design so i hope you find something useful, funny or challenging in my stuff.


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