Magnemite (1/4 Scale Pokemon)

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!Note! So certain parts might need to be scaled accordingly in order to fit Drop me feedback on your make! Update: Added Body1 Added Body2 Added Centre Pin Added YouTube tutorial, check the link below Parts needed: Body x 1 Eye x 1 Top Screw x 1 Stand x 1 Side Screw x 2 Magnet x 2 Pin x 2 This is my third attempt at modeling using Blender, Magnemite's screw provided a challenge for me and I have learned so much more from this! I designed with part separation in mind so that it is easier to clean up, especially when you plan to sand and pant it. I have also included a whole Magnemite in one piece if you wish to print that instead. YouTube video fo the post-printing process is here!! Click the link below!! Check out my sites here!Support me here! TOOLS TO HELP YOU GET STARTED: 3D PRINTERS: (What I use) (What I use) (Recommend) (Recommend)eSun PLA+: AIRBRUSH SET:Airbrush that I use: + Compressor: Airbrush Cleaner: Model Air Set: Airbrush Thinner: Gloss Varnish Metal: OTHER TOOLS:Sandpaper Set: Micro LED: Soldering Iron Kit: knife: scriber II: Super Glue XL: thinner:

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