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Model description

A set of elements symbolizing quarks and antiquarks. The model was prepared in such a way that one of the hadrons: a baryon, an antibaryon and a meson could be formed from the combination of selected parts. Individual elements have an overprint containing information about the mass, symbol and color describing the degree of freedom of the particle.

The model will be especially useful in physics classes.


Model elements

In the files you will find 3 elements needed to build quarks. The files in the set have been prepared so that models can be printed individually or as part of one printout. 


Among the files to be printed you will find:

Single elements files:

- Quarks - green,

- Quarks - red,

- Quarks - blue.


A file with a set of several elements:

- Quarks - set.


Technical data

Model size (XYZ): a single element- 35 x 16 x 40 mm.

Printing time: a set - 3 h 46 min.

Filament quantity: 61 g.

Recommended filament type: SkriPLA / PLA.


Additional information

If you want to learn more or recall some information about 3D printing, check out our training materials for teachers at Skriware Academy: 3D printing e-courses



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