Apple tree life cycle elements

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Model description

A set of 5 models representing particular stages of the apple tree life cycle. Among them you will find a model of seeds on a stand; models of seedlings and apple blossom; a model of a tree with leaves and a model of an apple.

The model could be especially useful in early childhood education and during science classes.


Model elements

The model consists of 5 elements placed in 1 file. The files in the set have been prepared in such a way as to be printed separately or as a part of one printout.


If you want to print more copies of the selected item, you can use the multiplier in the slicer ("multiply model" function). Use the "+" and "-" buttons to set the desired number of models and the slicer will automatically place them on the print bed.


Among the files to be printed you will find:

Single item files:

- Flower: a model of the apple blossom,

- Seeds: a model of the seeds,

- Apple: a model of the apple,

- Plant: a model of the seedling,

- Tree: a model of the tree.


File with sets of several elements:

- Apple Life Cycle Kit: all 5 models of apple tree life cycle.


Visualization and descriptions of individual elements can be found in the model assembly instructions: [VISUALISATION] Apple tree life cycle


Technical data

Model size (XYZ): a plate with a single set of all elements (“Set” file) - 191 x 55 x 31 mm / separate elements - from 36 x 35 x 7 mm.

Printing time: set - 3 h 50 min / separate elements - from 30 min.

Filament quantity: set - 23 g / separate elements - from 8 g.

Recommended filament type: SkriPLA / PLA.


If you want to learn more or recall some information about 3D printing, check out our training materials for teachers at Skriware Academy: 3D printing e-courses


Additional information

After printing the model it may be necessary to remove the support elements from the grooves on the petals and stamens (flower models). The easiest way to remove them is with a knife or tweezers.

Apple tree life cycle elements by Skriware is licensed under the S.A..


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