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A proof of concept printable hand with "live hinge" flexible joints. Individually activated fingers using Filaflex filament (or nylon fishing wire) as tendons. Printed in PLA and with Filaflex hinges. Re-mix this idea (STEP-file of body included) into your own robotic or prosthetic project.  Fingers open automatically, no return tendons or springs needed.  "Frictionless" articulation - no rubbing parts.  Stretchable tendons offering adaptive grip on irregular objects (only one motor required to activate all fingers).  Fully printable solution, no vitamins required.  Tough and rugged.  Realistic form under a surgical glove. Here is an article about the Flexy-Hand on And a video + video review (Thanks to and jesimon).   The 1st printed Flexy-Hand is now on display in the iMakr Store, London 

About the author:
I am a mechanical CAD design engineer specialising in automotive, aerospace and nuclear fusion. If you like any of my designs, please consider a Bitcoin donation : 1EMSyo5ha9HrAtyhJk1dKVPSwMGQrpULJ1


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