Hogwarts Castle

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This is my rendition of Hogwarts Castle, as it appears in the Harry Potter film series. The design is based on the castle layout plan included in the book ‘Harry Potter: Page to Screen’, which represents the version of Hogwarts used in ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’. Tower elevations and other details were obtained from film stills and photographs of the model displayed at the Harry Potter studio tour in London. It is not an exact reproduction, particularly with respect to the rock formations, but it attempts to replicate the major features as faithfully as possible. WARNING:  Unfortunately, my STLs are imperfect (e.g. intersecting meshes, non manifold geometries), and may cause errors when slicing. I apologise. Nevertheless, Cura is fully capable of interpreting the files. With the appropriate Mesh Fixes selected, I was able to make everything to work in Cura 3.0.4. * UPDATE: I have begun the slow process of fully repairing individual pieces (properly combining intersecting meshes, making parts fully manifold and correcting other mesh errors). The repaired files will be replacing the originals one by one, as I complete the repairs. The file names of the replaced pieces will be followed by an “-r”. I make no promises that the whole model will be repaired, and progress will be very slow, but I plan to work through them, as time permits. Finishing the model: See the full 'Printing and Assembly Guide' included in the files as a PDF. I was able to fill gaps between the seperate pieces effectively with a white wood filler and fine sand paper. Rocks were painted with a series of grey washes (diluted paint). I used Woodland Scenics fine turf (green grass) for ground cover. The trees were made from painted pipe cleaners.  Water effects are accomplished with a painted base board, and covered with a few brushed-on layers of gloss Mod Podge. The final layer was stippled with a brush to give the ripple texture.  

About the author:
I'm fairly new to 3D printing, but fascinated by the possibilities and enthusiastic about creating my own designs. I'm a full time student of physics and began my PhD in 2018.


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