Twisty Boxes!

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These things are awesome. I use them for storage, organization, whatever. the lids have lots of tolerance and only need a little twisting, so you can put them on one-handed, or let kids play with them to teach them complex shapes. They print super easy and will really show off whatever filament you print them in.(I'd love to see this in Polyalchemy Elixer)  I hope you like 'em! Don't forget to post makes down below.

About the author:
Hi! I'm Levi. I've been designing and 3D printing models for over 3 years. Leave a comment, because I'd love to get to know you. Check out my designs below, and if you want to see something, or need a design done don't hesitate to ask me! I'd love to help. Don't forget to post any makes you do! I'd love to see them. If you have any prints or designs, send me a message!


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