Tic Remover 2.0

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This is the new version, after some iterations, and this one is more robust than the earlier version.   Tics carries diseases and viruses, and spreads it to your beloved pets and even you, and removing them properly without tools are somewhat of a risc, leaving parts of the tic, or even accidentally squeezing the tic making it to spew its innards into your bloodstream. This is a supersimple print, needing NO supports, takes very little material, but does the job without any hassle. Just place the tic inside the perimiter, and drag towards the thinner point, and the tic should pop right off.   To maximize the quality of the print, print slow, around 20mm/s, and set top layers to 99999, and bottom layers to 0, this way it almost makes it a injection molded quality on the print. Set the temp to whatever you usually print in, and the fan to turn on at the 3 layer.   Best results so far, when testing, is when you print it at 0.08 layer height.



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