Small Necron Obelisks (or Objective Markers)

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Two basic Necron-like obelisks that can be scaled up and used as terrain elements, or printed at original scale to act as objective markers. A 40-mm base and an angled mount allows you to glue these obelisks at an angle. To paint it like I did, prime the prints black. Then paint them with Dark Angels Green Contrast. Next, drybrush everything with Vallejo Intermediate Green and then with Citadel Moot Green. The carvings can be painted with Hexwraith Flame and then Tesseract Glow. The dark stuff on the base is Geek Gaming Tomb Base Ready Grimdark Tomb World.

About the author:
I make various printable 3d models, but I focus mainly on printable terrain and basing elements. If you need a commercial license to sell prints, I offer a monthly Patreon "merchant" tier.


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