Simple Animals 10

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Introduce our new friends.Skunk, Wild Pig, Rhinoceros, Cattle, and Cheetah are our friends.Simple animals were designed using only lines.These animals can quickly print out with less material.And it's so cute :)Please come to my facebook : you want to meet diverse simple animals, try to visit below rinks.Cock, Pig, Sheep, Camel, Deer, Elephant :, Rabbit, Kangaroo, Horse, Giraffe :, Poodle, Doberman :, Rabbit, Fox, Seal, Polar Bear :, Crocodile, Fennec Fox, Squirrel :, Panda :, Snake, Monkey, Meerkat, Goat, Donkey : :, Tiger :

About the author:
Creative Maker and Educator in South Korea. You can see my knowledge on my YouTube!


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