Round Shape Bag Clip, Moon Shape Clip, Twin Bag Clip

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Almost all bag clips are straight. Today I will present the round shape, moon shape, and twin bag clip for you. Make life colorful. Enjoy. Detailed information on Youtube: start from 01:48 The round shape also can save space. The 150*150 mm 3D printer can print the length over a 230 mm clip. Also, you can change the shape easily. All models printed without the support layer. For the twin clip, I only show the 120 mm model. You can modify it using Fusion 360 or leave comments. I will make a change for you.Print SettingsPrinter brand: AnycubicPrinter: All-metal MegaRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: NoResolution: 0.2Infill: 50%Filamentbrand: InlandFilamentcolor: YellowFilament_material: PLANotes: I used yellow filament because I only have this in my hand now. You can use any color.

About the author:
Henry Wang
I am a former scientific researcher who usually worked in University and academic institutes. I am interested in making things using 3D printer. Since this April I worked alone at home. I am now focused on making improvement of household small things better use or invent some useful or dammy stuff which makes life happy. I will continuously upload my stuff here and upload videos on Youtube. Please check my youtube channel and subscribe. I will not fail you. Everything I designed has some unique new ideas which no one ever noticed yet. I will share it with you and wish you also share your experience with us. Make our world a better place. Hope you will have a nice day. subscribe to my channel


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