PLA-Tonix : Octahedron(s)

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PLA-Tonix is a series of 3D printed Platonic solids that use hinges to open up and show cross sectional geometry. These octahedrons use internal hinges to display two different cross sections. The "square" model displays two square cross sections, while the "hex" model displays a square and a hexagon. The pictured models were both printed in PLA. Additionally, the hex model prints with two small tabs to keep its cross section anchored while printing. Be sure to snip these tabs before you try to snap the hinges. I've included reference images of where the tabs are located to make the process of finding them a little easier. I've included the gcode toolpath for the Prusa Mini+ and Ender 3 for those who just want to plug and play. Sliced with PrusaSlicer, but Cura will also work. images%2f0d536de41c8bb0e93d6c0ae0257c1a99c39fa5cc
About the author:
I'm a graduating senior at Berry College, where I'm studying Creative Technologies. I work as an engineering intern at Wire Tech, LTD in Rome, Georgia, and I have experience in 3D printing, 3D modeling, and Fusion 360.


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