PLA-Tonix: Icosahedron

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PLA-Tonix is a series of 3D printed Platonic solids that use hinges to open up and show cross sectional geometry. The icosahedron comes with three cross sections, including: a nonagon, decagon, and a pentagon. The model was printed in PLA. The solid is presupported with several pegs between cross sections, and a pair of small arch supports at the start of the pentagonal cross section. Just snip these with a pair of standard snips and gently break the hinge open. I've attached pre-sliced G-code for the Ender 3 and Prusa Mini+. Both are sliced for 0.4mm nozzles, draft quality, with brims and for PLA.  

About the author:
I'm a graduating senior at Berry College, where I'm studying Creative Technologies. I work as an engineering intern at Wire Tech, LTD in Rome, Georgia, and I have experience in 3D printing, 3D modeling, and Fusion 360.


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