Pet Voyageur 100 200 Carrier Fastener

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This is a replacement fastener for a Dogit brand Pet Voyageur pet carrier. I know it works with the 100 and 200 series carriers and it may work with other models too. I've also designed a part that allows you to remove the fasteners without needing a screwdriver or similar tool. There are two versions of the fastener: The first one is an unmodified reproduction of the original fastener. The second version is similar except it has built in print supports for the top and this is the version I recommend most people use. It removes the need to use slicer generated supports and the supports built in to the model can easily be trimmed off after printing. The other piece I've included is a key that can be attached to the fastener that makes it possible to unlock them by hand without needing a tool. I found that it printed just fine without any supports. To use it simply snap the key into the top of the fastener and turn. The fit is tight enough that the key won't fall out. Now the keys can be used to unlock and remove all the fasteners! This is actually how most other fasteners work on other pet carriers and I'm baffled as to why these ones were designed differently. I made this extra part because I got tired of seeing the vet having to hunt around for a slot screwdriver or similar tool when she needed to open the carrier to examine my reluctant cat or when I needed to take it apart to clean it. This key solves that problem. Hopefully it will be useful to you too. I've printed these parts in PLA and the strength seems to be fine even after multiple removals and insertions. Be sure to print with 100% infill as the parts do come under stress.



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