More Seated Viking Oarsmen wih a Coxwain

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Here now are the next two oarsmen.  Both wear helmets with visor-like protections, not just the noseguards. One is supposed to wear a suit of lamellar armor, the other again wears chain armor.  Again, some of the detail may get lost unless you print at best resolution or use a resin printer.  The examples in the pictures here were done on an Elegoo Mars, and please compare them with the images of the previous post of rowers (the noseguard ones).  It is clear that the quality here is worlds better then at the highest resolution setting with the FDM printer that I previously used. You could say the resin printer begins where the other one leaves off....  Finally, there is a coxwain too, to handle the steering of the ship.  Usually he was socially a step above the rest of the crew.  This one may be familiar: it is Ulf from my Viking Trading Ship. Both sets of crew (this and the previous crew post) are also included without their helmets on, to provide more variety. Update 05.05.2020: have re-scaled these seated Vikings in new files now, as the originals were a bit large for 1:72 scale (average would have been 1.80-1.90m if they stood up).  

About the author:
After an eternity working in the 2D printing industry, I underwent an upgrade and started working for a 3D printing startup in 2020. I love working on physical, as well as digital, dioramas - creating them, populating them, improving them. My usual scales are 1:72 and 1:144.


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