Le Réveil / Galatea (with arm)

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A remix of Laurent Marquest's 'Le Réveil', made between 1851-1925. The plaster sculpture, scanned at The Musée des Augustins, is missing an arm and has been digitally fixed in this model. The remixed sculpture was created for a digital art exhibition at Stockholm's Metro: During two weeks in March hundreds of digital billboards in Stockholm’s Metro were transformed into an extensive digital art exhibition. Where 6 artists were asked to create a piece that would portray a unique positive feeling. The art was then triggered by people's real-time emotions — through analyzing the current mood of the citizens and their use of social media throughout the day. The aim was to help people feel happier and less stressed whilst commuting. I was tasked to portray the feeling of being safe. The aim was to set a familiar yet abstract tone, using tactile objects and materials. The piece is divided into 3 sections; soft bodies, foam and cloth. Each represents different layers of protection however, all share the same caring and comforting aspect. images%2fe1c36ce8bf04d8b102eac682ca06997df7452d68


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