Impossible Shape 3

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I had alot of fun designing this Optical Illusion Impossible Shape ( Designed using Blender ) Ninth in a mini series . As you can see I have printed it out on my Geeetech A10T in PLA ( silk copper , silk lightgold and silk silver ) I use Prusa-Slicer , After you load the STL file click on SPLIT TO PARTS , so you can print it in any colour just like I have done .  Hope you all enjoy this Optical Illusion Shape . Happy Printing .

About the author:
Clod Stomper Productions
Clod Stomper Productions is a 3D printing enthusiast who loves to create and share unique models. I have been 3D printing since 2019, using a modified Geeetech A10T 3D printer with a BBT SKR 1.2 PRO mainboard. I design my models in Blender and Fusion 360, two powerful and versatile software tools. My portfolio includes fantasy weapons, low-poly tanks, retro rocket ships, and more. Follow me to see my latest creations and support my work.


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