Hexagon Rock Formation

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A Hexagon Rock Formation as use for terrain in tabletop games. Can be used in RPGs and Wargames. Comes as an STL file These miniatures are part of my fully FREE patreon you can join it here to stay up to date on new releases: https://www.patreon.com/NyverdaleTabletop

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Welcome to Nyverdale Tabletop, where we turn your boring old tabletop into a wild adventure! Whether you're a dungeon master in need of some epic miniatures, or just a collector with a love for the extraordinary, we've got you covered. Our miniatures are hand-crafted with love and a dash of quirkiness, ensuring that your miniatures are not only incredibly detailed, but also incredibly unique. We specialize in fantasy and sci-fi characters and creatures that are optimized for 3D printing, so you can finally have that free Star Wars fan art you've always wanted, or a set of unique bases. Our selection is packed with a wide variety of designs that will give your tabletop games a touch of fantasy, sci-fi and you'll find something that will fit your needs. From cultists to basing bits, We've got it all. So what are you waiting for? Come and join the Nyverdale Tabletop family today and add some fun to your tabletop games!


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