Gyroid Bookmark

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Example printed in Fillamentum Flexfill 98A pistachio green, which is a perfect filament for a print like this. Get it here! (affiliate links) I've always thought the gyroid infill looked cool, but it turns out that it has some awesome physical properties as well: it's an infinitely connected periodic minimal surface, which (non-technically) gives it high strength and minimal area, making it perfect for 3D printing. I created this very simple bookmark with a solid base shape (essentially a long rectangular prism with rounded ends) and printed it with no top or bottom layers, giving it the exposed gyroid look. I didn't really do any of the work: your slicer will create the exposed gyroid pattern. You can also print it regularly for a very basic bookmark. Experiment in your slicer with different infill densities to give the infill the 3D qualities you want. Mine was printed with a 0.3 mm nozzle and 20% gyroid infill.

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Hey! Welcome to my page. I'm a full-time college student who designs models for 3D printing in my spare time. My work focuses on taking advantage of the unique aspects of the additive manufacturing process to create functional objects. Mostly, this means that I design usable models of things to which people otherwise might not have easy access (or that I think would benefit from a touch of maker-ness). Take a look at my objects! I hope you like them :)


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