FULLY Printable 2 STROKE ENGINE Model - Realistic & Working

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Hi everyone, First of all i have a video about this project on my youtube channel. I think you should assemble it by watching the video. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klcB5OxXbkE I designed a 2 stroke engine model in this project. It can be completely printed with a 3d printer. You don't need any extra parts. Piston diameter 25 mm and stroke 25 mm. Thus, it has a cylinder volume of 12.25 cc. The bearings I use are 608zz type and have 8 mm inner diameter. (From those used in standard stress wheels). I used PLA+ at all parts. Layer height 0.16 mm and infill 100% for moveable parts (crank, shafts, piston, pins, connection rod). I printed the remaining pieces at 25%.I used Simplify3D for sliceler, more details on video. IMPORTANT Some parts have 2 versions. One is in full section and the other is in half section. I have added two versions, you can print the way you want. Also, in some printers, the circle shape may not be exactly as desired. For this I have also added the tolerant shape of the pins. If your printer can print a 3mm diameter circle exactly 3mm, use 3mm diameter pins. Otherwise, use 2.5 mm pins. Besides, I used glue to join the pieces together. If you have any problems please leave a comment.



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