Dragoscorpanther in defensive position

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Half-scorpion, half-panther and half-bat, the imprecisely named Dragoscorpanther has no relation to any actual dragons. It is dangerous and should only be approached by professionals, and then only with extreme caution. Their tail is fully-prehensile and very strong. Their tail's sting can be used to incapcitate or kill depending on the dosage of their neurotaxin administered. If you manage to tame one, they can make excellent mounts and due to the extreme strenght of their wings, can carry up to 500 additional pounds while in flight, but are unruly and require constant obedience training.

About the author:
Lately I have been working on my Trump Chess concept, but I also design D&D characters and props and post them. Most of my designs are made in Oculus Medium.


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