Conrad Rantzau

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Conrad Rantzau was very culturally interested and met Thorvaldsen in Rome in 1805 during his journey through southern Europe. They remained very good friends throughout life and Rantzau urged Thorvaldsen to donate his works to Copenhagen. Rantzau was the Minister of Justice in Breitenburg in Holstein from 1828 and the Minister of Internal Affairs from 1831. He commissioned a marble bust of himself (to which this plaster is a copy of) as well as a reproduction of Thorvaldsen's Achilles and Briseis (A489) images%2f0fb5093ad0c410af5d5b4c4f5a78b89bdc2d499d
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Thorvaldsens Museum opened on 18 September 1848 and was the first public museum building in Denmark. The characteristic museum building was built to exhibit the extensive life’s work of the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) and today still looks more or less as it did when it opened over 150 years ago. Thorvaldsens Museum also contains Thorvaldsen's drawings and sketches for sculptures and reliefs. In addition Thorvaldsen was a passionate collector, so the museum also exhibits his extensive collections of paintings from his own time and collections of artworks and objects from Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquity. The museum also shows changing exhibitions that go into greater depth with aspects of the permanent collections, including contemporary art.


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