Animal litter filter or Dirt classifier

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I designed this to sift and get more life out of the cat litter. I use an automated cleaner but it doesn't catch everything but I'm sure you could just make a few size filters to get rid of dust.. So this is to help prolong the life of the litter. You can always use this to classify dirt as well like for gold panning or sifting through soil to get out rocks and suck. Just ajust filter for disired particle size your after and badda bing! Use for bucket size opening of between 6"-8" diameter. Print top and bottom with 3 walls use test file print with 0 top layers 0 bottom layers, 3 walls. And go for a hex infill at about 17-25% infill. Let clean litter pass through it as desired on filter mesh size. Size is up to you. Do some experimenting. This will work for dirt too. Look at assembly pic... glue, or plastic weld together. Make a few, make allot. video link

About the author:
Just your normal average everyday guy... Not really.. I'm weird, fun, creative. Hope you enjoy my designs! Let me know if there is anything I can do to better my designs.


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