Animal Cell Model

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As a Highschool junior I had a biology class project where I needed to make a model of an animal or a plant cell, I chose to do a plant cell and because I am a 3d modeling nerd I made and printed a very accurate cell model. The print came out great at 50 micron layer height on my prusa 3d printer and was in my opinion the most accurate and detailed model of anyone i my class images%2fprofile default
About the author:
I am a high school Senior who has been 3d printing and 3d modeling for quite a few years. My favorite design programs are Fusion 360 ultimate and Sculptris both of which I use very often. I love 3d printing as well as designing and currently own 4 3d printers, 3 FDM and one SLA printer all of which are almost always on printing objects, many of my own design.


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