Abstarch: Bricks for abstract architecture

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This is 'Abstarch'. It is a set of 3D and 2D blocks which let you create anything out of your imagination. Arrange the blocks in any manner and create abstract architectural masterpieces. The 2D set can be used as a puzzle game as well. Arrange the blocks to form different shapes... create a man, or create all the alphabets, the choice is yours. With Abstarch, the sky is no longer the limit. Dimensions of the model: 3D set: 13cm x 18cm 2D set: 16cm x 18cm *This object was created with the software Blender. The images uploaded are 3D renders of the object. The objects are not 3D printed yet.   Inspiration behind this: A few years ago, I went on a picnic with my friends. There I saw a new kind of toy. It was a puzzle set with only a few of the shapes I have made. After I saw the #beyondthebrick challenge @myminifactory, it struck me that the same puzzle with a few more pieces could become the ultimate abstract bricks set. And that's that... I started working and created Abstarch (shortened form of 'abstract architecture'.)    Please support me and download the model. Thank you for your support!



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