Wee Burgh Medieval Village Church 01

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BUILD A WEE BURGH OF YOUR OWN! This is the first village church I've designed for this set. It has buttresses, gothic windows, crenelations and a square bell tower with an entrance.This is a freebie! So give me some love by showing your prints! :) OTHER SETS: Set of Timber Houses here: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-131589 Two sets of Stone Houses here: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-131590 REGARDING SCALE: The basic house footprint is exactly 24 mm x 12 mm (super roughly an inch by a half inch). If you imagine 1 mm being a foot, it isn't really scale per se. But it is nice for placing them together in a pleasing town or City with blocks of housing that will fit on a 12 mm x 12 mm grid. While this is a rule of thumb for the basic house, it won't be true across all models that I make for the Wee Burgh sets. Certainly for variation, interest, and practicality, some buildings I make will be wider or longer. Of course, as a 3d model download, you can make it any scale you want, but it was designed specifically with doors that are 8 mm high, and stories that reach 10 or 12 mm in height. You could double the height if you like, or reduce it slightly, but do keep in mind it will look blocky to the eye if you scale it up too high, and you could lose resolution scaling it down. This could translate to a number of scales where a mm is around a foot. Here are the ones I recommend: 6 mm figure scale 1:285 scale (6.2 mm figure scale) 1:300 scale (5.92 mm figure scale) even Z scale (1:220 scale, which would translate to a figure height close to the door size)



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