Water desalination prototype/concept

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This is a concept which was in my mind for quite some time, and today I decided to share it. It works like this: salty water is collected in lower chamber, vaporised by sun, condensated on top of chamber and then drips in channel in middle of chamber. After that is collected and distributed. (see my poorly drawn cut section) Now imagine all of this but bigger and with a lot of connected chambers. And there, you have an million dollars idea! Even mass production with aluminum profiles in given shape! In this assembly I assumed that everything should be glued, but keep in mind this is only concept. It can be made to work as solar panel, ramped up both in number of chambers and length of them. Im sharing some initial models, but over time I hope I will find some time and inspiration to continue to work with this.

About the author:
Hardware engineer during the day, hacker during the night, im in this because i love 3d printing. If you have some sweet 3d printing ideas which you would like to see printed, feel free to contact me :)


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