Slim MK52 angled heatbed cable cover

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This is a slim 90 degree heatbed cable cover for the Prusa MK3 / MK3s. I was in need of a new heatbed cable cover after upgrading to the MK3s extruder as my extruder-mounted boroscope (which you can find in my Library) started to collide with the previous cover I had. This design provides plenty of clearance for my NozzleCam to pass mesh bed leveling with the shorter Z movements whilst keeping a clean view of the nozzle. To make the final solution as thin as possible you will need to (re-) solder the heatbed cables to the headbed instead of using the screw mounted method as these are quite bulky. Assembly requires 3 m3 hex nuts to be press fit in the bottom part, and 3 countersunk  m3 screws to connect it all together. All these parts I found in my spares bag for the MK3 kit (screws seem to be the same as what mounts the heatbed to the Y-frame). It is based on Thing 3474411 on thingiverse but is completely redesigned to make it slightly thinner, a little easier to print and incorporate proper cable strain relief using 2 screws for even tightening. Its internals also provide some more room for cables to route. The total height of the cable cover as measured from the heatbed is a mere 4mm. Measured from the backmost part of the heatbed it adds 8.15mm to the back of the heatbed, making it an enclosure friendly solution.  

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