Self Aligning Cup/Bottle Holder

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A self aligning cup/bottle holder for use with crutches, walkers and wheelchairs. Taking advantage of the gyroscopic effect and gravity this cup/bottle holder keeps its contents always aligned. Unfortunately many of the people that have limited use of their hands and fingers, have to simultaneously use crutches, walkers or wheelchairs and as such have trouble carrying bottles and cups, usually they depend on others to give them a helping hand. Some of them have attachments that allow them to carry these objects but most of the times these devices only allow for cans or closed bottles, for this reason I designed this gyroscopic cup holder, due to its design it will ensure that your drink is always correctly orientated and you can concentrate on moving to where you need to be. This design contains several versions of many parts to accommodate different placements, tube sizes cup/bottles sizes, it should be ideal for most uses but if you require a specific size for any of the parts (tube clip and clip supports) let me know and I will see what I can do for you. Printed with ABS at 280ºC, two perimeters (two perimeters are enough but for added strength I will print this again with three or four perimeters), 50mm/s, 3 solid top and bottom layers, 20% infill at 0.2mm layer height. Due to the tendency for warping ABS can be challenging therefore if it begins to warp, that warping can mess with the tolerances in this design, especially the holes for the screws, as such PLA or PET should be a better/easier print. Assembly: Begin by choosing what tube clip you need, standard or rotated, this will vary according to the place were it's going to be installed . The rotated indication refers to orientation of the hexagonal connector. Next you will need an 20mm M4 screw  and nut, for my build I used nylon locking ones but that is not required, next join the tube clip with the first ring (ring1.stl) The second ring requires two 20mm M4 screws and nuts, simply slide the nuts on to the corresponding holes and using the screws attach the second ring (ring2.stl) to the first (ring1.stl), ensure that screw head rotates freely inside of it's space, if you have warping these holes might be too tight, either sand them until the screw rotates with no friction or reprint the part. There are two versions for the the last ring (ring3.stl and ring3alt.stl), a solid one if you don't want/need the extra bottom part. Assemble it like the previous rings. If you chose to print ring_3.stl you have the possibility of adding clips and a bottom coaster to the cup holder. At this moment you need to choose one of sizes provided for the supports (S, M, L and XL). If you are unsure then the L version is probably the best compromise for an adult and the M the best for a child. Simply clip both parts (part1 and part2) to the third ring, it should just snap into place. Finally place the coaster at center, with the weight of a cup/bottle it will stay in place but you may need to add a few drops of glue to insure that it wont leave it's place. As a further improvement you can add a bit of cork to the coaster to better grip the drink. Check if all rings rotate almost friction less, if not sand them, reprint them or try to adding a bit of grease, if there's too much friction the cup holder won't be able to operate correctly. Every ring is attached using 20mm M4 screws  and nuts, except for the tube clip, this one will depend on the size of the tube or you can also use a good quality zip tie. Tip: Use a electrical insulating tape around the place were you are going to attach the tube clip, this will provide extra grip for the clip. Tip 2: Add a circle of cork to the bottom of the coaster to dive a better grip to the drinks.



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