Monster Hunter - Working Switch Axe

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This is a Switch Axe from Monster Hunter with a design inspired by the GaleFrost.   It is my entry into the Monster Hunter Contest. The pictured Switch Axe was printed at 40% of the parts actual size.  This was to allow time to actually enter it into the competition.  I find that I like the size, but at 100% printed size, no one will mess with you.  :-)  What makes this Switch Axe really cool is its low-hassle switching.  You pull down on the axe portion to convert it to Sword Mode, you push up on the axe portion to switch it back. The switching is accomplished by a rail design that took many, and I mean many, prototypes to get working just right.  It can even be modified to accomplish the switching of other Switch Axe Types.  The Switch Axe is assembled from parts that are designed to be more friendly to smaller printers. Even though I printed it at 40%, it should still be able to be printed at full-size on smaller printers.  Assembly instructions are in the included images.

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