Mathematical Wave Dish

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Changing the size of your nozzle is a very underrated way to impact the end-result of your prints. For this print, I used a 0.5 mm E3D V6 nozzle and stuck with 0.2 mm layers, which allowed the overhangs in the model to turn out very well. And since I upgraded my Prusa with the incredible Bondtech Extruder and Mosquito Hotend Upgrade Kit, changing nozzles is effortless—I can literally do it with one hand and in less than a minute! Get some new nozzle sizes here! (affiliate links) This wavy dish was generated by thickening a mathematical surface (send me a message if you think you know what its function is! Hint: notice that the dish is completely flat along the x axis and y axis; its value along these axes is 0). I used the Mesh Workspace in Autodesk Fusion 360 to edit and optimize the .stl file for 3D printing—get the incredibly versatile CAD software here! (affiliate links) Perfect for holding small parts while building something or as a vessel for small pieces of jewelry. I think the clean, mathematical curves give this model a simple elegance.

About the author:
Hey! Welcome to my page. I'm a full-time college student who designs models for 3D printing in my spare time. My work focuses on taking advantage of the unique aspects of the additive manufacturing process to create functional objects. Mostly, this means that I design usable models of things to which people otherwise might not have easy access (or that I think would benefit from a touch of maker-ness). Take a look at my objects! I hope you like them :)


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