Kasbah Mehdya - Kenitra , Morocco

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Welcome to Morocco! This model was designed by Mohamed Naciri @mohamed.naciri21 A kasbah is a fortification, citadel or stronghold, and this one is located in what was the port of Mehdya (also spelled Mahdiyya, Mehdia, etc) , nowadays surrounded by the modern city of Kenitra, in Rabat-Sale province, Morocco. The fort was built more than 500 years ago to guard the mouth of the Sebou river, which flows from the Atlas mountains into the Atlantic ocean, passing through important cities like Fez. It was expanded and fortified further by many rulers such as Moulay Ismail. In the 16th and 17th centuries, it was captured and modified by Portuguese and Spanish colonizers and even became a pirate hub. During WWII, it was the site of the battle of Port Lyautey. It fell into disrepair throughout the XXth century but has been renovated recently, along with the corniche and surrounding area (Wikipedia). MiniWorld3D is happy to bring this historical model to life as a homage to all the people of Morocco. Please give credit, it's all about spreading culture! Be sure to follow us: MiniWorld3D is a collective of 50+ artists creating the best library of 3D printable models of landmarks of the world!   Photo credits:Dany Sánchez

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