ImmersionRC Vortex 285 Angled Wall Mount

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Been wanting to hang mine and my wife's Vortex 285's on the wall for a while now and finally got around to designing a mount for it seeing as I couldn't find any. This one angles the quad 30 degrees off the wall to make your quad pop a little rather than just hang. Included are 2 versions, one with my logo and one without (I know how irritating it is for models to have branding on so I left a blank copy if it bothers you as much as it does me :)   This model has been upgraded and moved here from Thingiverse where I shall continue to update the model.

About the author:
Just a hobbyist, I share some of my designs for others to enjoy :) Donations : https://Donate.Comikz.Ink YouTube : https://Comikz.Ink Shop : https://Shop.Comikz.Ink Reddit : Onewheel :


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