Frejus Monument

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Piazza Statuto is one of the most important squares in the city of Turin . It is located in the center of the city, has an elongated shape and is also surrounded, like many other squares in Turin, by the classic arcades of the royal era that allowed sovereignsand courtiers to stroll downtown even on rainy days.    In the center of the square is a large monument: the Frejus tunnel fountain . The monument was born from an idea of ​​the Count of Veglio, president of the Academy of Fine Arts and was finished in 1879. It is a pyramid made up of large stones that come precisely from the Frejus Tunnel with a Winged Genius on top leading to the head a 5-pointed star. On the various boulders of the fountain there are then the statues of some Titans shot down by the Winged Genius . Following the positivist spirit of the historical period in which the work was made, the statue would be an allegory of the victory of Reason (the Winged Genius) over brute force (the Titans) . Others have attributed to the statues depicting the Titansthe suffering of the men who worked on the construction of the tunnel , therefore seeing the monument as a sort of memorial for those who perished during these works.  Read more about it here

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