Ender 3 Angled Spool Holder Extension

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Ender 3 angled spool holder extension. Angles the spool of filament to the left allowing for a better entry angle to the extruder. Removes the need for a filament guide arm, although I still would recommend a guide near the Z-axis stepper. It also raises the spool to account for some of the height lost buy tilting it. I also have a dual Z-axis belt drive mechanism and needed the extra height to clear that. Requires 2 M5x12 hex head bolts and nuts. The original bolts and new nuts attach the stock spool holder to the extension. The new bolts and original V-slot nuts attach the extension to the 2020 extrusion. The new nuts are slotted in the extension and prevented from turning when the bolt is tighented. There are 2mm holes underneath for an allen key if you need to align or push the nuts out.



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