Demon Hunter pre-supported (World of Warcraft, fan art)

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Vizit us on Patreon Demon Hunter - World of Warcraft  Please read the description before printing the model!We present you our second free model. It was a great pleasure to work on it. We are big fans of the WOW universe. We really hope you enjoy it as much as we do! This is our first large model for printing and the first model consisting of several parts. Therefore, if you notice any problems with the model when printing, please write to us and we will fix it.Please note that it was not modeled to be a miniature. The dimensions of the model are indicated on the attached pictures. Test printing was performed in the size of 20cm. We also tried to print it in a small size (about 9,5 cm). You can see the result in the last picture. Some details were lost and some parts of the model were too thin. Please consider this if you want to print it in a small size.You can also print the model without wings and additional parts of the tabard. Files for printing such a model are called DemonHunterbody.stl and DemonHunterbottom.stl. They have not cut holes for attaching additional parts. We are very interested to know your opinion about our model. We also really want to see how you print it on your 3D printer or paint it. Share your photos in the comments here or Instagram. Use the hashtag #wwtavern or tag our account on Instagram @wwtavern. Can’t wait to see what you get! Join us on Patreon! The doors of our tavern are open for you! Join us on Patreon to receive our new Monthly miniatures and Welcome Chest miniatures at the best price.  All miniatures are pre-supported for patrons! Sincerelly yoursWhite Werewolf Team

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Welcome! We are White Werewolf Tavern Team, and we brings you some incredible 3D miniatures for your tabletop games! Plz check here our Tribes here! You can expect at least 20 unique and high quality fantasy miniatures each month with variants in both, gaming scale (32mm miniatures sets + DnD 5e style stat blocks for our unique models) and painting scale (75mm) and at least 1 bust is always guaranteed.


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