Darth Vader bust

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✔ For more sculpts like this, take a look at my Patreon. Dun Dun Dun dun DUN Dun dun DUN Dun... Now, everyone, stop requesting Darth Vader! He's here! Print him! Be happy! My first memory of Vader is the scene in Empire where he chops off Luke's hand. I was probably way too young to watch it because it made such a lasting impression on me. While these days I'm more of a Trekker than a Star Wars fan I still enjoy the movies greatly (with a couple of exceptions), and sculpting Vader was ultimately inevitable. I see you have re-designed him a bit... I wanted to leave my own mark on this Vader, so I redesigned his body a bit, which I hope you don't mind. I believe the spirit of Vader is still there. I left the helmet as canon as I could! So does this print without supports as well? Yes! With a caveat. Because of those stupid little sticks that stick out of Vader's face mask I had to separate the body from the base, so there's two pieces pieces to print. The bodyNow, the body part leans quite heavily, so put nice wide brim on it to keep it in place, and if it makes you feel safer put some supports down as well. The body can also be printed without infill, which is how I printed mine. The baseThe base needs infill until the three little "feet" end, but beyond that it can be printed without it. Shouldn't be any need on any printer for supports. This is fan art, provided for free, and I fully acknowledge the Darth Vader likeness is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd.

About the author:
Hello, 3D printer people, thank you for stopping by! I have been sculpting digitally and 3D modeled on and off for the past 11 years. Most of this time for fun as a hobby, but also a few years professionally working in the games industry. Nowadays my day job is completely unrelated to 3D (or art in general) and it is back to "only" being a hobby I enjoy. I discovered 3D printing, and bought my first printer (a CR-10S), in late 2017 and have been almost exclusively creating art to be printed since then, and have also been sharing most of the things I make with the rest of the community. Again, thank you for stopping by, and I hope you find something you like!


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