Cinema Paradiso

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ALFREDO!!! Joel Ristol, aka @1.63dart brings us his rendition of Cinema Paradiso, the central location of a timeless movie of the same name. Joel's fully detailed model features the front face of the building and the interior of the projection room. Cinema Paradiso is a 1988 drama film. Set in a small Sicilian town, the film centers on the friendship between a young boy and an aging projectionist who works at the movie theatre "Cinema Paradiso". It is considered as one of the greatest films of all time, being both a critical and commercial success. It won awards at the Oscars, BAFTAs & Cannes.  MiniWorld3D is the collection of 3D printed landmarks and models of the real and FANTASY world! All our models are made from scratch by hand and brain, please give credit to all authors.  Be sure to follow MiniWorld3D!  MiniWorld3D is a collective of 43+ artists creating the best library of 3D printable models of landmarks of the world!    Teal print photos by Carlos Ramírez in FormFutura resin & Halot One printer. White print photos by Joel Ristol in white PLA.  Still from the film property of its respective owners, shown just for reference.

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The best library of 3D printable models of landmarks & important buildings from around the world; created from scratch by a collective of 50+ designers & digital artists. Guaranteed printability. Founded & led by Mexican designer Dany Sánchez.


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