Bevel Angle Gauges for Sharpening

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There are a number of bevel gauges that can be bought for very reasonable prices. These tend to cover a select set of bevel angles which are most commonly found on various tools, but every now and then you stumble over a chisel or plane blade or something with a completely different bevel and you're stuck trying to figure out what exactly that angle is. And as those bevels don't tend to be very large, protractors and such are quite the pain to use, hence why bevel gauges exist in the first place. In order to cover the range of quickly measureable angles a bit better than commonly available bevel gauges I designed this set to cover angles from 5° to 90° in 2.5° increments. This should allow you to quickly and easily check the bevel angles fairly accurately to set your sharpening jigs and aides accordingly. The gauges are 5 by 10cm and 6mm thick for a good solid seating with various chisels and plane blades. They also have a 1cm diameter hole in the corner for hanging them on a nail / hook or to thread them on a chain / string or something for easier storage. If you prefer thinner gauges I could easily modify my files to make 2-3mm thin ones.Just drop a comment if you want this or some other changes.

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