Angle adapter for PopMount 2 Car Vent

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An Angle for a "PopMount 2 Car Vent". The PopMount is addiitional needed ( and not printed. Only the red circled part ist printed. The last two pictures are without the printed Part. With this angle part it's possible to mount the Phone at the Vent on top of the Dashboard. Additional needed are one M3x7mm Screw (longer is possible) and one M3 hexagon nut. To assemble first the rubber ontop of the spikes has to be removed to unscrew the spikes. With this screw the 3D printed part is screwd onto the front of PopMount tru the round hole. Next the hexnut is placed into the hex hole and with the new screw the spikes are monted onto the assembly. Lastly the rubber is pullt back over the spikes.   

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