Ancient Egyptian Mummy - Sword

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This is a sword i printed for my kid for his mummy costume. The sword is based on the this concept art and modified according to my kids wishes. I modeled it in Maya and detailed it in Zbrush. The sword is split in half (and each half into 3 pieces) and has a channel running along the lenght to fit bent piece of M4 threaded rod for strenght. I glued the pieces and threaded rod with epoxy glue and painted it with gold and acrylic paints. Parts were printed on Prusa i3 MK2 on 0.35mm layer thickness for speed. I could print on less and get better details but i kinda like the effects of layers, it looks like some sort of etching.. :) I also printed some other stuff for the costume, like arm and shin guards (printed flat, heated in oven and bent to shape), belt pieces and some skulls for the necklase - i can upload those too if anybody is interested.. 



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